DeVita Mini AP+ (NEW MODEL)


DeVita Mini AP+ (NEW MODEL)


The DeVita AP+ Mini uses low level biocompatible electromagnetic emissions to boost health by targeting parasitic organisms and toxins. Equipped with 27 customizable complex programs, this unique device promotes deep body purification and enhances natural defences.


  DeVita Mini AP+


  Product Description:

Discover the next generation of wellness with the DeVita AP+, a revolutionary portable bioresonance device designed for your health and well-being. The DeVita AP+ stands out with its sleek mini design and powerful features, including a high amplitude waveform of 2800 mV and a modulating frequency range up to 72,000 Hz. With 20 existing and 7 new pre-installed program complexes, this device offers a versatile approach to disinfection and detoxication, targeting a variety of health needs.



– Enhanced Wellness: Tailor your health regimen with 27 unique program complexes that support detoxication and general health.

– Customization: The built-in programmer allows you to create your own treatment complexes, ensuring personalized care.

– Versatility: Equipped with manual and automatic settings for ease of use and flexibility in treatment options.


  Ideal For:

The DeVita AP+ is perfect for individuals managing chronic conditions, athletes, high-performance professionals, and adults seeking a holistic approach to maintain and enhance health.



– 27 MHz Sinusoidal carrier waveform for effective treatment penetration.

– Extensive frequency range to address various health issues.

– Compact and portable design, making it easy to carry and use anywhere.


  Why DeVita AP+ Stands Out:

Unlike other products in the market, the DeVita AP+ offers a unique combination of manual and automated programs, high-frequency modulation, and the ability to customize treatments, making it a leader in portable bioresonance technology.


  Call to Action:

Embrace a healthier lifestyle today with DeVita AP+! Explore our exclusive sets for even better value, or click here to learn more and make your purchase. Elevate your health with the cutting-edge technology of DeVita AP+.






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