DeVita Mini AP+ and RITM+ Set (NEW MODELS)



DeVita Mini AP+ and RITM+ Set (NEW MODELS)

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Explore the DeVita AP+ Mini and Ritm+ Mini devices, engineered to enhance detoxification and upregulate your body’s defences using specialized electromagnetic frequencies. Ideal for daily health optimization and based on cutting-edge research, these devices are essential for maintaining peak wellness.


DeVita Mini AP+ and DeVita Mini Ritm+: The Ultimate Wellness Duo for Upregulation and Detoxification

Elevate your health with the power duo of DeVita Mini AP+ and DeVita Mini Ritm+, designed to synergistically support both upregulation and detoxification for optimal wellness. These revolutionary portable bioresonance devices are equipped with advanced features to help you manage your health proactively and holistically.


  DeVita Mini AP+ Highlights:

– Powerful Bioresonance: Features a high amplitude waveform of 2800 mV and modulating frequency up to 72,000 Hz.

– Extensive Program Range: Comes pre-installed with 27 unique program complexes for detoxification and health enhancement.

– Customization: Allows you to tailor and create your own treatment complexes with both manual and automatic settings for flexibility.

– Portable Design: Compact and easy to carry, perfect for use at home, work, or while traveling.


  DeVita Mini Ritm+ Highlights:

– Precision Treatment: Utilizes low-intensity bioresonance frequencies matched to the natural vibrations of healthy organs.

– Versatile Programs: Includes 22 therapeutic programs with the option to expand up to 50 custom programs from a database of over 2500.

– User-Friendly Interface: Simplifies personal customization for ease of use, promoting recovery and vitality.


  Combined Benefits:

– Comprehensive Health Management: Ideal for athletes, professionals under high stress, and anyone managing chronic conditions or seeking preventative care.

– Perfect synergistic effect: Each device is equipped with features targeting specific health issues, the AP+ is targeting detoxification and infections which can be taxing for the body and then the RTIM+ comes into place to support the upregulation of your organs and systems.

– Holistic Approach: Supports overall health maintenance, prevents premature aging, and maintains high energy levels.


  Why Choose This Duo:

DeVita Mini AP+ and DeVita Mini Ritm+ stand out by offering a combination of manual and automated programs, extensive treatment capabilities, and the flexibility to customize treatments. Together, they provide a comprehensive solution for maintaining homeostasis and enhancing bodily functions without invasive treatments.


  Take Action for Your Health:

Discover the benefits of combining DeVita Mini AP+ and DeVita Mini Ritm+. Start your journey to a healthier you today with this cutting-edge technology duo!

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