The DeVita Ritm+ Mini optimizes health by correcting electromagnetic imbalances with targeted frequencies. Supporting stress relief, optimal homeostasis, high energy levels, and anti-aging, it features 22 customizable programs for personalized wellness routines, ideal for morning use to maintain vitality and promote healthy organ function


DeVita Mini Ritm+


  Product Description:

Elevate your wellness with the DeVita Mini Ritm+, a compact and powerful bioresonance device tailored for those seeking a proactive approach to health. This device harnesses the precision of low-intensity bioresonance frequencies, specifically designed to align with the natural vibrations of healthy organs, promoting recovery and overall vitality.


  Key Features:

Advanced Bioresonance Technology: Features 22 therapeutic programs of which 6 completely new, with the flexibility to add up to 50 custom ones from a database of over 2500 programs.

– Targeted Treatment: Offers specialized programs for heart health, digestion, stress relief, and sleep enhancement plus many more (see on the downloads).

– User-Friendly: Simple interface allows for personal customization and ease of use.



– Health Optimization: Ideal for managing chronic conditions, enhancing athletic performance, and supporting those who are seeking optimal performance or beginning to navigate health issues. The best option for all who are health conscious with a holistic approach to health.

– Versatility: Whether at home or on-the-go, its compact size ensures you can maintain your health routine anywhere.

– Preventive Care: Helps in preventing premature aging and maintaining high energy levels.


  Ideal For:

Athletes, professionals under high stress, individuals seeking holistic health methods, and anyone facing chronic health conditions.


  Why Choose DeVita Mini Ritm+:

Deta Elis is pioneering the field of portable bioresonance devices , the DeVita Mini Ritm+ in combination with the DeVita Mini AP+ provides a comprehensive solution for maintaining homeostasis and improving bodily functions without invasive treatments, making it a leader in portable health technology.


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List of Programs 


Complex programs 


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