Rife Machine – Spooky2 Central (Plasma)

Rife Machine – Spooky2 Central (Plasma)

  • Immensely powerful and adaptable Rife machine with six different methods for applying frequencies to the body
  • Based on old technology that has been rediscovered and refined over the decades by many independent doctors and scientists
  • Capable of killing pathogens, detoxification, organ healing, and emotional rebalancing
  • Very powerful when combined with Bioresonance diagnosis to reveal patient’s complex internal landscape that can then be improved dramatically

Spooky and its flagship add-on Spooky Central is perhaps the most powerful and adaptable rife machine available today. Royal Raymond Rife first developed a means to “weaken or destroy pathogens by energetically exciting destructive resonances in their constituent chemicals” in the early 20th century and used it to cure cancer many times. But the technology was suppressed and was mostly lost to history. Over the years many doctors and scientists learning of his work developed similar technologies or even tried to copy his technology directly expanding on it in the process but never managed to recreate the full power of the original rife machine. Spooky Central is perhaps the first full-power faithful recreation of that original plasma-based machine capable of applying frequencies directly to the body without a weakening carrier signal.

Spooky comes with a vast database of thousands of frequency programs to target a very wide range of pathogens (viruses, bacteria, protozoa, fungi, helminths), support and healing for different organs and parts of the body, a wide range of toxins that can be played to promote detoxification, and even frequencies for spiritual awakening.

But more powerful than this, Asyra Bioresonance can be used to diagnose specific imbalances, immune priorities, toxins, pathogens, etc. to provide a customized Spooky or Deta-Elis treatment in the clinic. Often this reveals a complex landscape of numerous subclinical imperfections the vast majority of which can be addressed directly with our in-house Spooky and Deta-Elis systems.

In total Spooky Central comes with six methods of energy application: plasma, pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF), ultrasonic, two forms of electrical, and remote. The plasma transmission is able perhaps the most powerful with the ability to send frequencies through the body in a very non-invasive way. When combined with

PEMF these frequencies can be used to target pathogens inside the cells. Ultrasound provides a gentle form of treatment ideal for the fluid spaces in the body that might not be reached by conventional rife systems. Remotes can be used to apply frequencies to the body via quantum entanglement principles of the universe that bypass the need for any physical proximity.

Please note some of the transmission modalities are not suitable for those with pacemakers.