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Reviews & Testimonials

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“I first came to see Michail due to an extreme allergic reaction to PPD in hair dye resulting in an array of distressing symptoms including tingling and crawling sensations in my head, constant headaches and migraines, increased pressure in my head and ear canals, fatigue, and nausea. Testimonials Michail’s tailor-made approach combining TCM philosophy, Acupuncture, SCENAR, Q1000 laser, Asyra analysis, and more, has been of great help in calming the allergic response and rebalancing my system. I leave the sessions feeling calmer and more energised. Michail has also helped me cope alot better with post-traumatic stress disorder which manifested as panic attacks, intense emotional anxiety, chest pains, and shingles. I feel safe talking to him about my problems, and his patience, deep understanding and intuition have been invaluable to me in what has been a particularly challenging time in my life. Michail has also helped eliminate a urinary tract infection, cold sore and long-standing migraine problem (not associated with the PPD allergy). I feel incredibly fortunate to have met Michail. He is a highly skilled and generous practitioner whom I would not hesitate to recommend for any ailments that might be troubling you.” Nadia F

“After four months having amenorrhea and my doctor saying that my period will not be coming within the next month I had a treatment with Michail in the morning and my period arrived the same evening. I just couldn’t believe it! “ Milka Urbanik

“Michail is an extremely professional and intuitive practitioner. He gives time and attention for a thorough diagnosis and applies his knowledge accordingly. He listens acutely to feedback and lets this inform his treatment. My physical symptoms were alleviated and my emotional well being improved after only a couple of sessions. I would highly recommend him.” C. Owen (Actor-Teacher)

“I am a cancer patient at Guys and St. Thomas’s hospital. Two years ago I had a total hysterectomy followed by radiotherapy. At the time I was in a terrible state both physically and emotionally. My illness had left me unable to walk as I was in so much pain. I didn’t really believe I would ever get better. That’s when I first went to Michail’s clinic, as last resort. The treatment Michail gave me was a course of acupuncture and direct moxa therapy as well as emotional support to come to terms with the terrible experience I was going through. Michail’s method of treating the physical symptoms and the emotional effects on the patient encourages a general sense of well-being and a feeling of really being nurtured and cared for. This has made such a difference to my recovery. His help and support has made it possible for me to start living my life once again with hope and optimism. I can, without any hesitation recommend Michail’s excellent practice to anyone who is experiencing poor health. Simple words cannot describe how grateful I am for the help I have had from Michail.” Maria C

“I have been receiving acupuncture and Tuina massage from Michail for about two years and the difference it has made to my life physically and psychologically has been immense. No matter how stressed or in pain I am, I have always come away from the sessions feeling like a different person. The aura of Michail and calming ambience of the treatment room is evident within seconds of entering the room and almost instantly, I am relaxed. As an individual, Michail has a brilliant understanding of the human body. Tuning into issues, be they physical or emotional and therefore identifying and treating the problem without deliberation. I had tried acupuncture once before and did not really see the benefit. Within one or two sessions with Michail that changed. As a previous skeptic, I am so pleased that I have been given the opportunity to be treated by an expert of his art. I can only add that the rewards of my regular sessions have removed any shadow of a doubt that without treatment, I would have continued to suffer both physically and emotionally…. ” Katerina Sofocleous

“Michail is a very honest, genuine therapist who I have found to be highly dedicated in his attempts to facilitate my healing journey. I always leave my treatment with a little more perspective as to why I am sick. He is very easy to talk to and I feel completely at ease with him. I feel extremely lucky to have been introduced to him and I would highly recommend him to any of my friends and family. ” Christakis Georgiou

“This short paragraph cannot really demonstrate how highly I value Michail and his natural healing qualities. I am certain I would not recovered from my extremely painful neck problem without his constant and patient support. He is an amazing therapist and I have a lot of appreciation for him.” Foulla Pashkaj

“I came initially to Michail with the complains of shoulder, neck pain and digestive problems. After six weekly treatments I felt a big difference, my abdomen was softer and I stopped having bloating, my shoulder pain stopped completely and my neck stopped having the recurrent sharp pain. I would definitely recommend Michail if you have any musculoskeletal or digestive issues.” Eleni Tomasiou

“I began treatment with Michail after a cholecystectomy (gallbladder removal) and a sustained period of great stress, loss and bereavement. I was very weak and in a lot of pain and suffering from nausea constantly. A few months later and I am almost completely cured. Michail was so generous with his time and was incredibly patient and understanding. His knowledge of acupuncture and Chinese medicine was very impressive and I felt very supported both physically and emotionally. I am now able to function again and have almost no more nausea or pain and a lot of energy. I am extremely grateful and would recommend Michail very highly as a practitioner.” Sallie Rose

“I first got in touch with Michail at a time when physical manifestations of childhood trauma were severely acute and I needed help to rebalance emotionally and physically. The thought of acupuncture was in fact something I feared, but options were running out. I’d explored other therapies, all of which had more of less contributed towards my healing but I was far from being ‘healed’. No one therapist had taken the time to understand what was happening in my mind and body simultaneously. Michail offered attention to detail and holistic care at an extraordinary level. He helped me understand and reclaim myself, release negative energy and opened my mind to another dimension in life; life on an energetic and even spiritual level. He suggested nourishing supplements to support his physical work, which was a mixture of fine superficial needle insertions on my limbs (that I could barely feel) and use of an non-invasive device on my skin to relieve tension within the tissues beneath the therapy location. Michail is highly qualified yet humble, he is a life teacher, his respectful listening ear really hears and it is my absolute privilege to have crossed his path.” Ann

“I am so grateful to Michail for the support and help he has given to me. His knowledge and the thorough way he works is admirable; he has an in depth understanding of the tools he uses which is impressive; his kindness and warmth is second to none and I cannot thank him enough for the help he has given to me. Michail is quite an exceptional person. Thanks for everything.” Marie T

“Michail is a very good listener and has an excellent all round knowledge of illness and its pathology; he is very well versed in the use of his diagnostic aids from which he interprets accurately and clearly and treats very effectively. Michail is an extremely likeable, honest and trustworthy practitioner who I would highly recommend.” Duncan

“Michail’s treatments have improved my health massively. Before I saw Michail, my health was deteriorating to a point where my GP was insisting I needed to take a range of medications for life. With Michail’s help, I’m now completely well without the medication. Michail has also helped five of my friends/family members with a range of serious health problems. Michail is easy to talk to, kind, wise and totally professional. I highly recommend his work and would suggest that anyone with a health issue go to Michail for an assessment.” Dr Hazel Heath FRCN

“Michail helped me with an important health issue over the last six months. The doctor’s treatment approach was to have an operation, but I decided instead to try a more holistic approach. This was the best decision I have ever made. Michail was brilliant through the entire process, from diet suggestions to tailored supplements, also he introduced me to another practitioner that could help me further and he created bespoke treatments with acupuncture and bio-resonance. Michael facilitated my emotional and physical well being with patience and a positive attitude, more importantly with only 4 months of treatments I have achieved some great results that I could have never thought possible in such a short time! My issue is now resolved, and I continue my journey with Michail towards an improved health and wellbeing.” Daniela B. 

“I required urgent help after being badly affected by black toxic mould in my home environment. I could get no effective treatment through mainstream channels as protocols for this problem don’t seem to exist. I then contacted Michail who was of great, even central, help in the process of healing. His knowledge, patience, thoroughness and generosity were all essential in my treatment and recovery and I very much doubt that I would have healed as fast as I did without his bioreasonance and acupuncture. Thank you for all your help and understanding.” David K. Visit us.

“Since I have been having acupuncture treatments, it helped me with my pain and my health has improved. There have been a lot of changes in my physical and emotional condition. I am very happy with the way Michail treats me and the techniques he uses to help me with my problem. Michail also treated my son after his car accident and as a result of his treatment he is now in good health. If you have any health issues I would really recommend to try acupuncture with Michail.” Nadine Mantemo

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