Japanese Acupuncture Bioresonance & Supportive Therapies



Space Age Health Technology
Recovery up to 70% faster.

The SCENAR technology developed in the 1970’s by the Russian Government for use by cosmonauts. It works by transmitting electrical impulses (modelled on endogenous nerve impulses), through the skin. These impulses mimic the nervous system’s natural impulses, stimulating the adaptive powers of the nervous system to use its own healing abilities, removing the need for allopathic drugs.

The results achieved with SCENAR treatment are remarkable in a wide range of health issues, in particular it is highly effective in pain treatment. By applying the electrode to the skin over the affected area, the sound and friction observed by the therapist indicate where to apply treatment. An individual localised treatment for ten minutes or so will reduce remarkably an acute pain while long-standing aches and pains will respond within a few sessions.

In my practice I usually apply the SCENAR treatment as part of my Acupuncture or Tuina Massage or Laser treatment.