DeVita Mini Energy 11 (New Model)


DeVita Mini Energy 11 (New Model)


The DeVita Mini 11 is the result of may years of research on the psycho-emotional level of humans in relation to frequency exposure. Some of the positive effects of the device are the following: Protects the DNA from the negative effect of electromagnetic radiation. Restores lost energy. Eliminates negative energies. Balances negative emotions. Strengthens the immune system. Promotes mental stability.


  Devita Mini Energy 11


  Product Description:

Introducing the Devita Mini Energy 11, your personal shield against electromagnetic stress. Utilizing groundbreaking low-level electromagnetic frequencies inspired by ancient healing traditions and modern scientific research, this device is designed to restore and harmonize your body’s natural energy fields. Whether you’re battling environmental stresses, physical exhaustion, or emotional strain, the Devita Mini Energy 11 offers a path to rejuvenation and vitality.

  Key Features:

– Harmonious Frequencies: Tailored programs combining music at 432Hz and frequencies for a deep emotional effect.

– Stress Reduction: Reduces the impact of electromagnetic smog and geopathic stress, enhancing your tolerance to modern environmental stresses.

– Energy and Mood Boost: Activates the body’s natural regulatory mechanisms, improving energy levels and stabilizing mood.



– Promotes emotional stability and balance.

– Shields against harmful electromagnetic radiation.

– Boosts energy levels, essential for those with high physical demands or chronic fatigue.

– Enhances physiological performance and aids in effective detoxification.


  Ideal For:

This device is perfect for individuals experiencing chronic fatigue, emotional instability, or anyone in high-stress environments. It’s also ideal for athletes and professionals needing to maintain peak physical and mental health.


  Why Devita Mini Energy 11 is Unique:

A unique bioresonance device tapping into the emotional aspect of healing, Devita Mini 11 focuses on emotional balance, comprehensive protection and energy enhancement, making it a leader in its field.


  Call to Action:

Experience a new level of wellbeing with Devita Mini 11. Explore our exclusive offers and find the perfect set for your needs . Don’t just live—thrive with Devita Mini 11!






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