Depuls+ (New Version – All Available Languages)


Depuls+ (New Version – All Available Languages)




The DEPULS+ is an automated bioresonance scanning device which works based on the principles of Heart Rate Variability measures. A wide researched method of evaluating the status of the Autonomic Nervous System.

The DEPULS+ can be used both by professionals and lay people. It can give indications of many parameters which can determine the treatment approach e.g. which DeVita devices, which programs and what supplements can be used. It can also be used as a comparison tool of the effectiveness of the treatment with before and after tests.

It is compatible with windows operating systems and has all available languages – Russian, Turkish, Chinese, Indonesian, Greek and English. Visit us.

The Depuls New Version+ is capable of measuring 15 different energetic parameters of health, such as:


  1. Heart Rate Variability
  2. Vegetative and Stress Measures
  3. Psychosomatic and Brain Balance
  4. Immune Balance
  5. Biological Age and Energy Pyramid
  6. Gastrointestinal Balance
  7. Balance of Other Organs and Systems
  8. Spine and Joints
  9. Functional Health
  10. Aura Balance
  11. Chakra Balance
  12. Meridian Balance
  13. Condition of Organs according to U-SIN
  14. Energy Balance
  15. General Indicators of Balancing Energy Systems