• VRT Test With Deta-Elis

  • VRT with Deta-Elis Professional

    VRT is the acronym of Vegetative Reflex Test which is a very valuable modern testing methodology that delivers specific answers when we are testing for causative factors and the pathogenesis of a disease.

    By using the VRT test we can identify with precision what is the issue that produces symptoms, where in the body, what is the cause of the issue and then what are the possible treatments.

    The tests we can run with Deta-Elis Professional are the following

    1. Organs and physiological systems testing
    2. Degree of toxicity and adaptation reserves of the organism
    3. Pathogens including Parasites, Protozoa, Bacteria, Fungi, Viruses
    4. Food intolerance test
    5. Heavy Metal Toxicity
    6. Deficiencies in Nutrients
    7. Inflammation and degeneration in organs systems and tissue
    8. Pathogenesis of a disease

    This is an energy test and not a medical diagnosis in the traditional sense of the term. The purpose of the test is not to diagnose you with a “disease”, on the contrary, it follows the holistic approach of diagnosis and treatment where we are looking for causative factors that might be contributing to your current symptoms. This kind of treatment can offer long lasting effects because by eliminating the causes the symptoms will disappear.