• Tuina Massage

  • Tuina is one of the main branches of traditional Chinese Medicine along with Acupuncture, Herbalism and Qigong. It can be applied solely or in conjunction with any of the other branches. Tuina therapy follows all the diagnostic principles of Chinese Medicine and the practitioner goes through a thorough examination before he makes any diagnosis or applies any treatment protocol. The initial consultation might last up to one hour and it will include examination of medical history, pulse, tongue, abdominal and meridian diagnosis. The treatment will last for at least 45 minutes.

    Over the course of millennia, different styles and schools of Tuina practice evolved with two main ones standing out: the Yin and the Yang style. The Yin style (also widely popular as Qigong Tuina) is more gentle with less obvious physical activity and more focus on the flow of Qi (vital energy) that can have a subtle but deep effect. The Yang style on the other hand utilizes more dynamic, vigorous techniques. Meridians and points are stimulated strongly until the muscles are relaxed, knots are released and pain is reduced. As an example, Yang style Tuina massage can work very well for pain treatment in conditions such as tennis/golf elbow, frozen shoulder, neck pain, lower back pain and joint pains, etc.  The relaxing effect of Yin style Tuina can be very effective in treating conditions such as anxiety, acute or chronic stress and all kinds of sleep disturbances.

    Michail is an expert of both styles and adapts his treatment protocols according to the particular needs of his clients. He applies Tuina either as a sole treatment or in conjunction with Acupuncture, Laser or SCENAR treatment in order to facilitate the quickest possible recovery.