• Japanese Acupuncture

  • Principle Features
    Abdominal Diagnosis with Instant Feedbacks
    Kiiko Style Acupuncture utilizes a palpatory method which provides instant feedbacks to the practitioner. The activation of specific reflexes suggests the diagnosis and the efficacy of the treatment can be established by the changes in the same reflexes. As a result both practitioner and patient can feel if there are results during the treatment.

    In Depth Diagnosis Addressing the Cause of your Health Issues
    This method is a multilevel diagnostic approach which goes in great depth into structural or constitutional imbalances. By addressing these imbalances the practitioner can solve difficult cases and the patient can have more complete and lasting results.

    Very Gentle and Almost Painless Treatment
    In this style of acupuncture the needles being used are very fine, the insertion is very gentle with the use of a guide tube and the stimulation of the needles is minimal or none. The result is an almost painless treatment.