• CLRT is a technique developed by Dr. Nick Wise, a second generation Chiropractor who started experimenting initially with a cranial reflex map. This map had many cranial reflexes, which were either spots or lines and all of them were energetically connected to every major muscle in the body. Stroking this lines or spots could change the tone of the target muscle. For the lines one direction would loosen a tight muscle and the other would tighten it. Initially Dr. Wise was using the stroking and he was having consistent and encouraging results but then he had an idea; to use a laser instead of just stroking the reflexes, this has changed dramatically the results. Muscles were going back to normal in a matter of seconds and pains were diminished, which otherwise would have needed a certain number of treatments. So, after many years of researching, trying and testing this new technique Dr. Wise developed the CLRT, which he is now teaching all over the world. 

    CLRT literally changed my perception regarding the healing time of a painful joint or a muscle. I am amazed every time it happens and in a matter of seconds muscles can be relaxed and pain is diminished. Still it might require a number of treatments and every patient responds differently but definitely it is accelerating the healing time, sometimes amazingly.

    Please check the following video for more information